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I am Carla, a full time traveler, storyteller, and foodie. In this newsletter you will find short travel stories, recommendations, and personal opinions. Below is a bit about each section. For visuals of our travels and more real-time content please check out our Instagram page.

Travel Stories

Short stories about the (mis)adventures of traveling full time, and about the interesting connections I make with people and places along the way, like this chance encounter with a Parisian chocolatier.


Where to eat and what to do around the world! Quick recommendations on the places we travel to, like where to eat the best street food in Chiang Mai or how to see Yucatan beyond pretty beaches.


Informal, raw, and real-time weekly journal entries from wherever in the world we happen to be in that week!

About Us

My partner Alan and I are a Latinx couple with lots of controversial opinions :), like being childfree and shameless and also atheists. Content about us and our personal opinions will live here.

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travel stories and recommendations from a life on the road


Carla Villoria

full time traveler. storyteller. foodie.