thanks for the tips!

Is any of this functionality available in the web version of google maps instead of the app? I prefer to do most planning on my desktop computer with big dual screens so I can look and compare many things at once. I found similar functionality in Bing maps, but it doesn't have the history ability.

I've also been playing with ChatGPT / Bing AI to help with travel planning. It's been pretty useful to ask it questions (give me an itinerary for 7 days in the north island of new zealand) then keep interacting with it (modify the itinerary to include 2 days of mountain biking). It even asked me questions like if I prefer to visit museums or do outdoor activities, or if I prefer public transportation or rental cars.



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I am pretty sure the same functionality is available in Google Maps web version. Such a great idea to use Chat GPT to help with travel planning ! Thanks for sharing!

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